Microtub - Chronic Shift

[ACE002] / [BD010] 12“ LP & digital version


Compositions for three microtonal tubas, recorded in binaural audio in a water reservoir, reworked and augmented with analog synthesizers.

“Chronic Shift is one of the most unique albums I’ve heard this year, its complexity an interesting parting point to delve into other kinds of musicality, unexplored terrains that remain asleep at the bottom of the ocean that is our unconscious.” (A Closer Listen)

“…a beautiful combination of instrumentation and environment that really sparkles. Absolutely lush.“ (Chain D.L.K.)

Microtub is the world’s first and only microtonal tuba trio, exploring Just Intonation and the rich harmonic potential of the tuba. This album features material from Robin Hayward’s pieces „Sonic Drift“ and „Star System“, recorded in the stunning acoustics of the large water reservoir in Berlin-Pankow, reworked and mixed with analogue synthesizers by Peder Simonsen.

Recorded in „Kunstkopf“ stereophony, this unlikely combination of tubas and simple synth pitches provides a meditative and immersive experience, and an auditory glimpse into a truly unique acoustic space. While „Chronic Shift“ zones in on the neutral microtonal harmonies that underly „Sonic Drift“, the synths on „System Reboot“ mainly shadow the harmonics in the giant room, both as sustained pitches and as spaced out droplets lending movement to the track.  

Photos by Richard Berger

Digital release

Label: Ace Tunes

Catalogue: ACE002

Country: Norway

Release date: October 11th 2019

Contact: info@acetunes.biz

Physical release

Label: bohemian drips

Catalogue: BD010

Country: Germany

Release date: August 30th 2019

Distributor: A-Musik (Germany)


Total Runtime: 31:52

Side A (11:28): Chronic Shift

Side B (20:24): System Reboot

Format: LP (180g)

Vinyl RPM: 33

Tracks: 2 (Vinyl)

Notes: Recorded in „Kunstkopf Stereofonie“.

Headphones recommended for listening

Contact: info@bohemiandrips.de